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10 Powerful words that inspire a vision

Regardless of your circumstances, life is full of surprises, setbacks and disappointments, which could result in loss of momentum for your business. 
Boost your confidence with these powerful words 
when ever you feel it necessary.

It all starts with a dream that builds up inside, which molds itself into a powerful purpose. Whenever you feel discouraged or loose your direction, remind yourself of the original reason why you started this great venture.

Try to visit your original plan of action, fine tuning it as you eliminate time-wasting frustrations. Remain focused by documenting your thoughts in detail as this will become the visual, which you can use to add to the planning process with renewed momentum.

Accept the fact that you are perfectly imperfect and that human error, ups and downs are part of the process. Know that the true learning curve is in the mistakes we make. Without this self-acceptance, you will be putting yourself under un-necessary pressure. Remember that diamonds are created under pressure.

Give yourself on-going rewards along the way to keep your motivation levels up and to celebrate small, but crucial successes. These rewards refresh and remind you of what you are working for, building momentum as you drive forward. How do you eat a cow? One bite at a time!

A balanced lifestyle, in all aspects, is what is required to pursue your goals with the vigor and passion that you will have started out with. This can be broken down to exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation etc. Care take the basics and the rest falls into place.

Motivation comes in many forms – different strokes for different folks. Find a source that inspires you to make your dream a reality. Keep your motivational source close at hand to keep you at the level of activity that you want. If you get discouraged, tap into your source before it gets the better of you. Some people find that a little pressure is all the motivation they need.

The word says it all – an organization needs to be organized. This gives one the clarity to focus on the job at hand. A clean desk for example, with a fresh new system is all one needs to move to the next level of productivity. Constantly attempt to create a sense of clarity.

Refreshing your plan from time to time sparks new, innovative ideas that you can test on your business. Regardless of what it is, break out of the pattern you are in and try something different. If your new tactics don’t yield positive results in the short term, at the very least it will highlight your options moving forward. Re-inventing yourself keeps the competition guessing!

“Always on duty” should be your approach to networking. Tell people who you know and meet what you do and how passionate you are about it. Networking is key to your success as you build relationships. The best results come from people speaking to other people about your business. People believe more of what they hear, and less of what they read.

Nike said it best with their slogan – just do it! Now is the time to take action to go and turn your goals into reality. If any pessimistic thoughts enter your mind, 
you will immediately eliminate the negative impact by doing something proactive.

Regularly peruse these powerful words to keep yourself up and running. Remember that energy is contagious, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. 
The choice is yours…

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